“We’re competing with sleep”, said Netflix CEO Reed Hastings when talking about the challenges of growing market share for the video streaming service – and for the music industry, both challenges and opportunities will increasingly come from other entertainment services.

As consumers reach entertainment saturation and with music streaming user-growth levelling off in major markets, realising the full potential of digital will require the music industry to work with a wider range of platforms, services and digital products.

The next phase of growth – and next frontier of innovation – in the digital market will be driven by platforms that complement rather than directly compete with on-demand streaming, where music is part of a wider experience rather than the destination.

We look at how that changing market might impact on labels, distributors, publishers and collecting societies, and the deals that are being done in this fast moving space to capitalise on the opportunity to get music in front of consumers in new contexts.

Dani Deahl – BandLab
Louis Napoletani – Mythical Games
Shrina Patel – MERLIN
Silvia Montello – Association Of Independent Music

This session is part of the full day Music + Deals strand presented by CMU.

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