To grow their businesses, artists need expertise, money, distribution and traction.

Though, as the music business has evolved, artists are more keen than ever to keep control of their copyrights and ownership of the relationships they have with their fans and other audiences.

We look at the “minimum viable product” deals that artists need to operate in the modern marketplace, and then at the more extensive relationships most artists look to pursue with their key music industry business partners, and how those relationships – and the deals that formalise them – have changed in recent years.

We’ll speak to experts who sit on both sides of the deal-making table about the new kinds of service providers, business partners and deals that are now available to artists, and consider what is now leading change and helping disrupt the traditional deal-making process.

Grayson Sanders – Chordal
Mark Terry – beatBread
Pat Carr – Remote Control Agency Ltd / The Vertex

This session is part of the full day Music + Deals strand presented by CMU.

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