A wide range of digital tools, platforms and marketplaces are changing the way we make music, and are bringing together artists, songwriters, producers and other music-makers from around the world, enabling collaborative music-making at a whole new level.

What does the creation/collaboration landscape look like in 2023 and how might it evolve in the future?

We look at how music-makers are using cutting edge tools to streamline their creative processes, build their businesses and generate new revenues – and, in particular, how songwriters, producers and beatmakers can identify and secure collaborations and opportunities that allow them to build successful careers.

With input from expert guests and insight from their case studies, we’ll examine how artists are using platforms to create, what the deals powering the collaboration/creation space look like, and how an increasing number of music-makers are building successful “behind the scenes” careers.

Dann Liebermann – The Elements Music
Gareth Halsall – Beatport
Hannah Joseph – Decibelle
Iman Habibi Shad – Beatlift

This session is part of the full day Music + Creator Economy strand presented by CMU.

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