Keynote Conversation: Holly Bishop, NME Networks

Join Holly Bishop, the Chief Operating & Commercial Officer of NME Networks, in a thought-provoking keynote talk on how mass content creation has completely changed the landscape of music media. What are the tactics they’ve adopted to become even more crucial in artist discovery? And how do they identify the signal through the noise?

Originally founded in 1952, NME Networks is a global, next-generation media group that views the wider world of pop culture through the lens of music and connects artists and brands to music-obsessed audiences.

Holly will delve into the role that media brands like NME has in breaking artists within today’s fast-paced, high-competition digital age, and how they’ve changed tactics in order to adapt. By exploring the impact and value of music journalism, Holly will discuss how it can provide credibility, legitimacy, and exposure that goes beyond social media buzz, and also supports artist development.

In addition, the discussion will touch upon the potential for musicians to diversify their revenue streams through strategic partnerships with music publications and their brand partners. By leveraging the reach, influence, and established brand equity of media brands, artists can tap into new audiences, explore creative marketing campaigns, and unlock innovative revenue models.

“The music media industry is going through a period of unprecedented change, driven by technological innovation and the evolving needs and desires of music fans,” says Holly.

“Music media is constantly evolving, and at NME Networks, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. With the rise of user-generated content and fan communities, how can artists utilize modern music media to foster authenticity, engagement, and a direct connection with their audience? And how can we use new formats to empower new musicians, new genres, and new ways to discover and experience music?”