EDUCATION: Music Education – In Crisis?

There have been a flurry of articles and opinion pieces in the last year declaring there is a crisis in music education. We hear music education is under-funded, under-valued and under-played. So, is music education really in crisis? And, if so, what can be done about it? We review the headlines and then consult a panel of experts, exploring the following three issues…

12.25 The problem with eBacc
The eBacc sets out the criteria by which English schools are rated. It doesn’t include music. Why not? What affect has this had? How can we bring about change?

12.35 The problem with the hubs
The music hubs have come in for a lot of criticism since their launch in 2012. Some hubs seem to work really well, some less so. What’s the current state of play and how can performance be improved?

12.45 Crisis, what crisis?
What are the most pressing problems in music education and what possible solutions are worth considering? If bigger budgets aren’t incoming anytime soon, can the money we’ve got be spent better?

with Deborah Annetts, Incorporated Society Of Musicians; Diane Widdison, Musicians’ Union; Hannah Fouracre, Arts Council England; Matt Griffiths, Youth Music; Pamela McCormick, Urban Development; Paul Latham, Live Nation.

This session is part of The Education Conference from CMU Insights.
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