EDUCATION: Mapping Music Education

What do we even mean by music education? In the classroom, outside the classroom, primary, secondary, further, higher, performance-centric, production-centric, business-centric, school-led, venue-led, charity-led, artist-led, industry-led, mentoring, internships, apprenticeships and continued professional development, whatever the age, whatever the genre, we map music education across England in its widest sense. Redefining music education means joining lots of dots. We identify what dots need to be joined.

The Research
CMU Insights, Urban Development and BIMM have embarked on a major piece of research called ‘Redefining Music Education’ which began with a mapping exercise. Utilsing that research, Chris Cooke from CMU Insights and Phil Nelson from BIMM present a music education map for England.

The Interviews
Having identified all the key segments of music education in England, we meet people working in each of them to get an understanding of what they do, what they teach and how they teach it…

10.25 In The Classroom
with Dan Francis, RSL; Robert Wells, Urban Development; Vanessa Wilson, Value Added Kids.

10.40 Music Hubs
with Hannah Fouracre, Arts Council England; James Thomas, Hackney Music Service; Peter Chivers, Brighton & Hove Music & Arts.

10.55 Innovations In The Classroom
with Matt Griffiths, Youth Music; Pamela McCormick, Urban Development; Philip Flood, Sound Connections.

11.10 Innovations Outside The Classroom
with Adam Joolia, Audioactive; Jane Beese, The Roundhouse; Pamela McCormick, Urban Development.

11.25 Higher & Further Education
with Louise Jackson, Trinity Laban; Mark Irwin, BIMM; Mike King, Berklee; Paula Hearsum, University Of Brighton.

11.40 Industry Led Initiatives
with Arit Eminue, DiVA; Lucie Caswell, Featured Artists Coalition; Oliver Morris, UK Music.

This session is part of The Education Conference from CMU Insights.
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