EDUCATION: Manifesto

CMU Insights, Urban Development and BIMM will spend the next year undertaking phase two of the ‘Redefining Music Education’ research project. With that in mind they outline some key themes that have come out of phase one and set out some objectives for phase two.

Under the spotlight will be how to better identify and champion innovation in schools and the music hubs; how to better connect music initiatives inside and outside the classroom; how to better demonstrate the value of music education to schools and policy makers; how to more closely align music education with the music industry; and how to provide young people with the skills they need to pursue a career in music or the wider creative industries.

This session is part of The Education Conference from CMU Insights.
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NOTE: TGE delegates will be able to access Dukes at Komedia on the Wednesday without their delegate passes – you just need to check in at the entrance of the Komedia complex. You can then pick up your pass to get access to the rest of TGE from 5pm on Wednesday.