Department For Business And Trade Speed Meetings

Presented by the Department For Business And Trade these sessions offer UK Delegates the opportunity to schedule focussed meetings with influential festival bookers, live agents, music supervisors, digital pressing (NFT) platforms, promoters and more who have travelled from around the world to speak to UK artists and companies. Those meetings are pre-booked but do check with our Networking Reception on the day regarding availability.

The participating international guests are as follows:
Josh Stern – Ground Control Touring (USA)
Ben Buchanan – CAA (USA)
Dev Sherlock – SXSW (USA)
John Bongiorno and Erik Selz – Arrival Artists (USA)
Pia Hoffmann – Music Supervising (Germany)
Layli Odamura and Yoshi Hirayama – Creative Man (Japan)
Tom Larkin – Big Sound (Australia)
Roxy Shah – Record Play (Spain)
Max Shand – Serenade (Australia)
Marion Meier – MDL Beast (Saudi Arabia)
Alessandro Pavanello – Kanjian Music (China)
Philippe Siegenthaler – Paramo Presents (Colombia)

This is a unique opportunity to present your business or your music to a range of key decision-makers from across the globe. Spaces will fill up very quickly! Delegates who wish to speak with any of the above can submit their meeting requests via this link.

Sign-up will close at 17.00 Thursday 27 April.