Connecting Music Education And The Music Industry

How could music educators and the music industry be more closely aligned? How can the industry provide teachers and their students with useful tools, knowledge and information? How can educators help ensure that the music industry benefits long-term from a knowledgeable and diverse talent pipeline? We look at current collaborations, get a wish list from both sides and put the spotlight on some great educational projects currently looking for industry support.

Jane Beese from The Roundhouse, Sam Hawkins from Creative & Cultural Skills and Lucie Caswell from the Featured Artists Coalition will discuss educational projects the industry can support.

Catriona Lundie-Loggie from Handle Recruitment, Mel Thornton from BIMM Group, Silvia Gargiulo from BIY People & Talent will then discuss initiatives to more closely align educators and employers.

And Sam Nicholls from Music Leeds and Liam Craig from North West Regional College will chat about the value of music industry mapping in helping to better connect educators with the music business.

This session is part of The CMU+TGE Music Education Conference