ÅÄÖ… Sounds Swedish Mingle

ÅÄÖ… Sounds Swedish is bringing you new music from the Swedish music scene. We would love you to join us at Kooks on Thursday May 11 from 17.30-18.30 for our mingle! Come to share a drink with us and discover your next favourite Swede.

Meet the promising artists who will be performing at the ÅÄÖ… Sounds Swedish showcase on Friday May 12 fro 12.00-16.00 at 3 Wise Cats! Dimpker Brothers, DULL, Nathan Aeli & Sötnos.

ÅÄÖ… Sounds Swedish is presented by: Talentcoach , Westside Music Sweden , Sensus , SOM (Swedish Independent Music Producers) and ALOADED.

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