The basics…

The Great Escape and CMU explores the intersection between music and video.

Where are TV producers, movie studios, gaming companies, brands, online creators and social influencers sourcing their music in 2022 – what are their options, what are their requirements and what do the deals look like?

Plus what about all the video content the music industry now creates every single day? What content works? Where do you publish and push the videos? How do you influence the influencers? And how much of that content is about marketing – and when should video be a revenue generator for artists, songwriters and the wider music industry?


● The latest trends in sync deals, briefs and licensing
● How to build a network in the global sync community
● The future of blanket licensing as TV goes global
● Getting the most from influencer partnerships
● YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Triller, Twitch – what next?
● What the f**k is the metaverse?


Music + Video takes place on Friday 13 May 2022 at Jury’s Inn Waterfront and is open to anyone with a TGE delegate or conference pass.