A full day of talks, discussions, case studies and insights on music and video on Friday 13 May 2022 – presented in association with the BPI

The basics…

The Great Escape and CMU explores the intersection between music and video.

Where are TV producers, movie studios, gaming companies, brands, online creators and social influencers sourcing their music in 2022 – what are their options, what are their requirements and what do the deals look like?

Plus what about all the video content the music industry now creates every single day? What content works? Where do you publish and push the videos? How do you influence the influencers? And how much of that content is about marketing – and when should video be a revenue generator for artists, songwriters and the wider music industry?


CMU’s Chris Cooke and Sentric Music’s Patrick Cloherty team up to present a concise guide to the sync market in 2022. We’ll run through the five biggest sync licensing talking points of the moment and the five key trends Sentric has seen in the music briefs being submitted by TV and movie producers, and the gaming and advertising sectors.

Joining us to discuss those talking points and trends will be…
Jenn Egan – Music Supervisor, Eyeline Music
Joanna Gregory – Head of Strategy, Cavendish Music
Mark Gordon – composer for film and TV / Ivors Academy Senate member
Pete Kelly – Head Of Music, BT Sport

We’ll also put the spotlight on the big ‘buy-outs’ debate. Who owns the rights when music is commissioned for audio-visual projects? What are complete ‘buy-out’ deals – why are they being increasingly proposed – and how is the music community pushing back? Composer Mark Gordon and the Music Publishers Association’s Lucie Caswell discuss.

Plus – how does music work on user-generated and social media platforms? What is possible under the licensing deals secured by those platforms? And how can online creators and influencers – and brands utilising social media content – access music for their videos? We’ll find out from Paul Sampson at Lickd and Kelli Slade at TikTok.

And finally, we’ll talk to Colin Barlow about Marv Music, the new joint venture between Warner Music and Matthew Vaughn’s TV and film production company Marv, which is spearheading wide-ranging partnerships and collaborations between the music, movie and TV industries.

Music marketing today requires a stack of great visual content alongside any new release – music video is no longer just about the music video!

But what kind of content works? What technicalities do artists and their teams need to navigate? How can the music industry use data, influencers and ad spend to further the reach of its content? And how can all this be done on super tight budgets?

Hear from marketing experts and artist managers about how they are creating, utilising and maximising video content to stand out from the crowd, drive streams and sales, and grow and engage the fanbase – including…

Alex Lee Thomson – Director, Green House Group
Ameena Badley – Artist Manager, The Ko-Lab
Bobby Brown – Artist Manager and Creative Director
Lauren Roth De Wolf – Founder, Wolves Management
Olivia Hobbs – Founder & Director, Blackstar Agency

Where do influencers fit in? And how can artists and their business partners better collaborate and connect with influencers to reach new audiences – and to create and distribute great marketing content? We’ll find out from Mark Adams, CEO & Founder at Blinding Talent, and Jessica Paine, Chief Community Officer at SyncVault.

We’ll then dig a little deeper into how artists are successfully engaging audiences on TikTok. Providing some top tips will be TikTok’s Head Of UK Artist Partnerships David Mogendorff, who has also selected two artist case studies to share: Abby Roberts and Rachel Chinouriri.

Both Abby and Rachel will join us on stage to discuss their respective experiences with and on the TikTok platform, alongside Insa Von Der Luehe from Locomotion and Charlie Martin from Parlophone.

MUSIC + THE METAVERSE 3.15pm-4.15pm
Building on the beginner’s guide in the MUSIC+DATA strand, we’ll dig a little deeper on the opportunities and challenges that exist for artists and the wider music industry in the metaverse.

We’ll put the spotlight on current music projects within gaming platforms and virtual worlds – and what the people leading those projects have learned to date. And we’ll ask: how will these platforms and technologies evolve in the years ahead – and what do artists and their teams need to know?

We’ll talk all things metaverse with Maria Hayden from Landmrk, Alex Branson from Beatport, and Paul Sampson from Lickd.


MUSIC+VIDEO takes place on Friday 13 May 2022 at Jury’s Inn Waterfront and is open to anyone with a TGE delegate or conference pass.