A full day of talks, discussions, case studies and insights on music and education on Wednesday 11 May 2022

The basics…

The Great Escape and CMU bring together music educators, music development organisations and the music industry to discuss the best ways to nurture, support and educate young musicians, early-career music-makers and future music talent – on and off stage.

Tapping into the latest research work from CMU’s Pathways Into Music Foundation, we’ll look at how DIY Phase artists are going about building momentum and growing a fanbase in 2022, and how educators can inform that process and sign-post the tools and resources now available.

Plus we’ll be navigating and mapping the wider music-maker community – and the world of music education and talent development.


With eight million creators on Spotify and 60,000 tracks uploaded to the streaming platforms every single day, the community of music-makers releasing music to the world goes far beyond the traditional music industry.

How can we best organise this community of music-makers? Releasing music online is now clearly part of being a hobbyist music-maker – but what does that mean and how does it work? How many of those hobbyist music-makers are generating income from their music-making? How many aspire to turn their passion into a part-time or full-time career? And how many have already done so?

Plus what is the role of music education in helping early-career music-makers navigate this world? And what is the music industry’s relationship with the ever-growing community of hobbyist and grassroots creators who account for an ever bigger slice of the music catalogue?

Expanding on the work of CMU’s Pathways Into Music Foundation – which has been mapping the careers of music-makers – we explore and dissect the music-maker community – and look at what music education and the music industry can learn from that process.

And crucially – how can music educators and the music industry better support the wider music-maker community.

Chris Cooke and Phil Nelson from CMU and the Pathways Into Music Foundation share insights from their latest research work, and then debate their findings with…

Dr Hayleigh Bosher – Senior Lecturer In Intellectual Property Law, Brunel University
Lucie Caswell – Chief Policy, Rights + Public Affairs Officer, Music Publishers Association
Paul Bonham – Accelerator Programme Manager, MMF
Will Page – former Chief Economist of Spotify and PRS for Music

Music-makers who seek to build a career around their music-making – whether as a frontline artist or portfolio musician – need to kickstart that process themselves during what we call the DIY Phase.

Except it’s not really ‘do it yourself’. DIY artists need to find and work with creative collaborators to progress down their pathway into music – building the momentum that will ultimately get the traditional music industry involved.

In the latest round of Pathways Into Music research, we’ve developed an Artist Circle, that illustrates the process music-makers go through as they build a career around their music-making – creating music, building a fanbase, releasing music, and accessing funding and revenue.

We’ll be joined by music industry experts who together will be create a ten tip guide for each phase of the Artist Circle – what are the ten pieces of advice or information music educators and talent development organisations should be passing on to the early-career music-makers they are supporting – and what resources are available – around the UK and online – to help with that process?

We begin by identifying the top tips for creating music with…
Adam Joolia – CEO, AudioActive
Charlotte Caleb – Artist Manager, cSquaredLDN
Liam Craig – Music Industry Educator, North West Regional College

And then put together the top tips for building a fanbase with…
Chris Chadwick – Artist & Producer Manager, Famous Friends
Erika Thomas – Managing Director (US), WMA
Fiona McAuley – Head Of Audience, Atlantic Records UK

Phil Nelson and Jessie Scoullar lead the conversations.

We’re joined by representatives from three key music funders – Youth Music, Help Musicians and the PRS Foundation – to discuss how they respectively support music-makers at different stages in their careers, and their role in supporting educational organisations and music-makers pursuing further education.

Pippa Moyle – Lecturer at BIMM Brighton and Founder of The City Girl Network – will be talking to…
Daniel Williams – Engagement Director, Youth Music
Shad Mutali – Musicians Development Officer, Help Musicians
Westley Holdsworth – Grants Coordinator, PRS Foundation

We continue the process of creating ten tip guides for each phase of the Artist Circle – the ten pieces of advice or information music educators and talent development organisations should be passing on to early-career music-makers.

In this section, we’ll look at what releasing music looks like – including distribution, marketing and live activity. How can DIY Phase artists use a release campaign to grow the fanbase, engage the industry and build momentum? We put together top tips with…
Henriette Heimdal – Head of Growth & Marketing, Family in Music
Natasha Gregory – Agent, Mother Artists
Shikayla Nadine – Artist Manager, SNM Management

And then funding and revenues – what financial support is available to grassroots music-makers – and how can those music-makers also use the direct-to-fan relationship to finance their projects? Providing the insights here are…
Chris Hunte – Founder, Addition + Consultant, Limewire
Lucy Stone – Director, No Stone Unturned Fundraising
Whiskas – Director, Music Local + Launchpad

Phil Nelson and Jessie Scoullar lead the conversations.

Having identified all the support, advice and information that DIY Phase music-makers need – how can we make sure that’s available to all hobbyist music-makers – and to anyone looking to build a career around their music.

There are many brilliant music education and talent development programmes and initiatives around the UK – alongside music lessons, tuition and activities in schools, and all the college and university courses available focused on music performance, composition, production and business.

How do they all fit together? What role do different programmes and institutions play? How can we better connect these programmes and institutions – and sign-post them to DIY Phase music-makers? And what is the role of the music industry in supporting all this work?

Launching the next round of mapping to be undertaken by the Pathways Into Music Foundation, we’re joined by people from across the music education community and music industry to make connections, build bridges and sign-post opportunities.

Joining the debate will be…
Dr Maha (The Kut) – Course Leader, Music Business, BIMM London + artist/label manager
Pamela McCormick – Founder + CEO, UD
Peter Chivers – Director, Create Music
Wizdom – Managing Director, We Are Impact + Head of MOBO UnSung

Four of our guests from the day re-join us on stage to make and discuss some big ideas and radical suggestions – for the future of music education in general – and more specifically, for future work that might be pursued by the Pathways Into Music Foundation.

Adam Joolia – CEO, AudioActive
Fiona McAuley – Head Of Audience, Atlantic Records UK
Lucy Stone – Director, No Stone Unturned Fundraising
Whiskas – Director, Music Local + Launchpad


MUSIC+EDUCATION takes place on Wednesday 11 May 2022 at Jury’s Inn Waterfront and is open to anyone with a TGE delegate or conference pass.

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