The FUTURE MUSIC WORLD strand is part of this year’s CMU+TGE programme, and will investigate and celebrate initiatives that are making the music community more diverse, more healthy and more connected, and consider the challenges and opportunities music-makers and other creators face in the globalised digital world we live in today.


3.00pm How To Make Diversity Initiatives That Truly Deliver
Everyone agrees that a more diverse music industry is a better music industry, and numerous initiatives have been launched in recent years – and especially in the last year – to make that a reality. But what are the most effective ways to remove the barriers and hurdles that have hindered diversity to date, and how can the music community’s diversity initiatives have an impact beyond the industry?

We put the spotlight on some truly inspiring programmes that are delivering and ask what we can learn from them – with expert insights from The PRS Foundation, The F-List, Attitude Is Everything and InChorus.

4.00pm Building A Healthier Music Industry
The responsibility of the music industry to protect and safeguard the physical and mental health and wellbeing of music-makers and everyone working in the sector has become a big talking point in recent years. New programmes and policies have been introduced to better support music people, though plenty of work still needs to be done.

We talk to some of the people who have been leading this conversation, putting the spotlight on some key initiatives that are already delivering, asking what practical steps we need music companies to make, and considering where this vital conversation will head next.

Joining the conversation will be psychotherapist Tamsin Embleton, musician and psychologist Dr Simon Rowbottom, Joe Hastings from Help Musicians and Tristan Hunt from the Association For Electronic Music.


3.00pm Has The Digital Revolution Liberated Or Locked Out Music-Makers?
There has never been a greater time to be a music-maker, with digital tools and channels making it easier to create music and get it to a global audience. But there has never been a more challenging time to be a music-maker, with so much competition, and new technologies and business models to navigate and understand.

What are the pros and cons of being a music-maker in the modern world, and how can the industry better support creators who seek to build an audience and a career around their music-making in a sustainable healthy way? Join the debate!

4.00pm Cancel Culture – Good, Bad Or Non-Existent?
Everyone’s talking about cancel culture, but does it even really exist? What does it mean to be “cancelled”? How do we tackle offensive, abusive and misleading content online without damaging each person’s freedom of expression?

And how should the music industry – and music media – respond when music-makers make music that some find offensive, especially if the offence is deliberate and part of the creative process? We tackle some tricky topics of the moment in a very lively debate.


Connecting The Music World
In the digital era, the music business is more global than ever, and yet each country has its own music market, it’s own music industry and it’s own music community. So how can music-makers and music entrepreneurs with global ambitions better navigate and understand – and connect with – the wider music world?

Leading music industry practitioners from Lebanon, Ukraine, Nigeria and Indonesia discuss how musicians in their countries make money from their music-making, as well as the impact of digital in recent years – and COVID in the last twelve months – on the business of music within each of their regions.

How is the music industry evolving and responding in each of these countries – and how can music industries in North America and Western Europe better support creators and entrepreneurs around the globe, unlocking opportunities and better connecting the music world?

Hear from Anthony Semaan at Beirut Jam Sessions; Dartsya Tarkovka at Music Export Ukraine; Godwin Tom at iManage Africa; and Rizky Sasono from the National Coalition Of Arts in Indonesia, all at TGE this year as part of the British Council’s delegation. Chris Cooke from CMU moderates.

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