The FUTURE MUSIC TALENT strand is part of this year’s CMU+TGE programme, and will look at how music educators and the music industry can better support entrepreneurial early-career music-makers, how COVID has impacted on the fanbase building process for DIY phase artists, and why it’s more important than ever to educate the creative community about copyright and data.


10.00am What The Fanbase Building Process Involves In 2021
Music-makers who aspire to be successful frontline artists need to find an audience for their music-making, and this fanbase building process begins in the DIY Phase, before the music industry is on board.

But what does fanbase building at this level actually involve? How can music-makers stand out in such a crowded market place? What tools are available to help with the process? And how can educators and the industry provide support?

A team of managers with hands-on experience of the fanbase building process – all of whom have taken part in the MMF’s Accelerator programme – offer their insider insights and practical tips. Hear from Ameena Badley, Ben Skerritt, Kaiya Milan and Nick Myers. Moderated by Phil Nelson from Pathways Into Music.

11.00am Learning By Doing – Young Guns Artist Campaign Team
Young Guns Network – the professional network for young people in the music industry – recently teamed up with AWAL and music charity Small Green Shoots, with funding from Youth Music, to launch its Artist Campaign Team programme, which has seen five aspiring music marketers partner with AWAL to coordinate and deliver a campaign for the latest release from Sans Soucis.

In their paid roles, participants received mentoring from the team at AWAL while devising and executing an extended single campaign, plus the project also enabled Sans Soucis to stage a higher profile marketing programme around her release.

Find out more about the project, how it worked and what everyone learned along the way, with participants Zach Bingham Thaker (Project Coordinator) and Rainar Goering (Marketing Lead), as well as AWAL’s Community Support Associate Cori Chinnici and Sans Soucis herself.


10.00am Everything An Aspiring Artist Needs To Know – And How To Teach It
Beyond making great music, what else do music-makers need to know in order to build a career around their music-making?

Experts from music education and the music industry consider the knowledge and know-how music-makers need in order to build a business around their music-making, whether they aspire to be a frontline artist or to pursue a portfolio career. And how do those early-career music-makers access this knowledge and know-how, and what role do music educators have in helping future music talent to become artist entrepreneurs?

Hear from Fiona McAuley, Head Of Digital – UK Music at YMU Group; Ian Johnson, Music Industry Liaison & Talent Development at Access Creative; Nicky Williams, Careers & Industry Manager at BIMM; and artist and mentor ShaoDow. Moderated by Phil Nelson from Pathways Into Music.

11.00am Continued Professional Development In The Music Business
The music business is in a constant state of flux, as new technologies, new platforms, new devices, new laws and new regulations impact on the way people consume music, and the way the music industry creates and delivers content and live experiences.

Meeting new challenges and capitalising on new opportunities often requires having a basic understanding of the latest trends, and a more holistic view of the wider music industry. How can music industry professionals best build this knowledge, and how can employers keep everyone up to speed? The experts discuss!


Explaining Music Copyright
In the digital age everyone’s a creator and anyone with a talent for music-making can get their songs and recordings to a global audience with just a few clicks. Which means many, many more people are now creating and utilising copyrights. And those people really need to know the basics about how music copyright works, so that they can protect their own IP rights and respect those of others.

But how do we go about educating the world about something as complicated as music copyright? We gather together a team of experts to compile the top ten things all creators need to know about music copyright – and discuss how educators and industry can do a better job of sharing that information with music-makers at the start of their careers.

Compiling the tips are Ali Condon from PRS For Music; Lucie Caswell from the Music Publishers Association; Niclas Molinder from Session; and artist and FAC board member Roxanne de Bastion. Chris Cooke from CMU moderates.

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