The FUTURE MUSIC STRATEGIES strand is part of this year’s CMU+TGE programme – and is supported by BPI – and will consider the latest trends in streaming, fanbase building and the direct-to-fan relationship, and investigate what the touring and festival markets will look like in the post-COVID, post-Brexit world. What technologies, data, influencers, partnerships and strategies will be essential for success in the years ahead?


1.00pm Maximising The Power Of Fan Data
Building a fanbase, driving streams and growing all of an artist’s other revenue streams increasingly depends on accessing, utilising and understanding all of the fan data that is now at the industry’s disposal.

How can artists, managers, labels and promoters best use fan data to understand their audience, target their messaging and grow each artist business? And how does data protection and privacy law – and ongoing battles between the tech giants – impact on how the industry accesses and capitalises on all this data?

Get to grips with all things fan data with Chaz Jenkins from Chartmetric; Raffaella DeSantis from Harbottle & Lewis; Tamsin Sharp from Believe; and artist manager and digital marketing specialist Tom Burris.

2.00pm The Future Of Festivals, Ticketing And Touring
As COVID restrictions slowly lift later this year and international travel becomes possible again, what will the live music business look like? To what extent will everything resume ‘business as usual’ and to what extent are things changed forever? And what impact will new technologies have on the way shows are organised, ticketed and marketed?

Leading names for the live music sector make their predictions for the future of festivals, ticketing and touring.


1.00pm Getting Rights Data Right
In a streaming dominated music industry built on billions of tiny micro-payments paid for every stream, accurate and consistent music rights data has never been more important. Meanwhile, advances in data management and standards – and audio ID technology – can also enhance the music experience, and result in the more efficient payment of royalties from other revenue streams like radio and public performance.

What do artists, songwriters, labels, publishers and digital services need to know to get rights data right? We ask the experts: music licensing consultant Becky Brook; Head Of Repertoire at PPL, David Goggin; Head Of International Relations at The MLC, Indi Chawla; and CEO at RightsHub, Lee Morrison. Moderated by Sam Taylor from CMU.

2.00pm Influencing The Influencers
Who are the key influencers in music today? What role do creators and influencers on social platforms have in building momentum around releases? What do the deals with those influencers look like? And how else can artists and labels use creative collaborations – within the industry and beyond – to reach new audiences and grow the fanbase?

Get insider insights and practical advice on influencing the influencers from Olivia Hobbs, Founder & Director at Blackstar; Seb Simone, Director Of Audience at Warner Records; Sophie Paluch, Director at Blueprint Pods; and Timothy Collins, Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Creed Media.


The Diversifying Digital Market
While premium subscription streaming is still by far the biggest revenue generator for the music industry, the digital market is diversifying, with new services and new types of services gaining momentum.

We look at where user-generated content and video-sharing apps, live-streaming, music-based podcasts, direct-to-fan tools, NFTs and other digital innovations fit into the mix, and what logistical and licensing challenges they pose.

Where will the next phase of revenue growth come from, and how can artists and labels get the most from this diversifying digital market? We ask Craig May at FUGA; Henry Prince at Believe; Sophie Goossens at Reed Smith; and CMU’s Sam Taylor. Chris Cooke from CMU moderates.

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