At the heart of TGE’s delegate programme is the CMU+TGE Conference – a conference within the conference presented by the music business experts at CMU.

The CMU+TGE Conference takes place over three days, with a different aspect of the music business under the spotlight each day. Each of these full-day strands combine original research, how-to guides and timely case studies with one-on-one interviews and lively debates with and between key leaders and innovators in the music business and beyond.

Details of the three key topics to be covered by each edition of the CMU+TGE Conference is announced in the autumn, with a break down of each day and information on the all the people set to speak and present published between January and March.


CMU helps people to navigate and understand the music business through media, training, research and events.

CMU reports on key developments in music and the music industry every weekday through the CMU Daily bulletin and every week with the Setlist podcast, helping music people navigate and understand everything that’s going on.

CMU Insights provides training to hundreds of music industry professionals every year – explaining the ins and outs of the business of music – while also under-taking ground-breaking research into streaming, royalties, artist deals, digital distribution, festivals, education and marketing.

CMU:DIY works with early career artists and future industry talent helping them to truly understand the business.

The CMU+TGE Conference brings all this knowledge and insight into once place, helping TGE delegates get up to speed, to understand, to dissect, to analyse, to debate and to inform the key trends, developments, opportunities and challenges in the music industry today.

The CMU+TGE Conference is truly unique for a number of reasons.

1. Because CMU reports on the music industry every day, our conference is more timely, more incisive and more forward looking.

2. Because CMU Insights is a leading provider of music business training, our conference includes a number of more formal training elements, helping delegates to navigate and understand the complexities behind current developments and trends.

3. Because we present a whole day of content around each topic, we can dig much deeper than any other music conference into the issues and challenges the business faces today.

4. Because we prioritise talks and interviews in our programme, the industry experts on stage can present their insights and case studies in a more detailed and digestible way.

5. Because the CMU+TGE Conference is truly editorially driven, we are able to identify the key challenges and opportunities and find the people best equipped to discuss them.

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