As a delegate you will be able to login to the TGE online conference platform within Swapcard from Monday 10 May where you will get access to a number of on-demand webinars and bonus panel discussions, plus the online delegate directory. The livestreamed sessions then take place on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 May.

On both those days there will be two livestream channels to choose from. Channel One will present the CMU+TGE sessions and this year’s keynote in-conversations. Meanwhile, Channel Two will feature educational webinars from TGE Elevate and a series of great panels from TGE’s industry partners.

Check out the livestream schedule for both channels on Thursday 13 May below.

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CHANNEL ONE (CMU+TGE & TGE In-Conversation)

10.00am FUTURE MUSIC TALENT: What The Fanbase Building Process Involves In 2021
Music-makers who aspire to be successful frontline artists need to find an audience for their music-making, and this fanbase building process begins in the DIY Phase, before the music industry is on board.

But what does fanbase building at this level actually involve? How can music-makers stand out in such a crowded market place? What tools are available to help with the process? And how can educators and the industry provide support?

A team of managers with hands-on experience of the fanbase building process – all of whom have taken part in the MMF’s Accelerator programme – offer their insider insights and practical tips. Hear from Ameena Badley, Ben Skerritt, Kaiya Milan and Nick Myers. Moderated by Phil Nelson from Pathways Into Music.

11.00am FUTURE MUSIC TALENT: Learning By Doing – Young Guns Artist Campaign Team
Young Guns Network – the professional network for young people in the music industry – recently teamed up with AWAL and music charity Small Green Shoots, with funding from Youth Music, to launch its Artist Campaign Team programme, which has seen five aspiring music marketers partner with AWAL to coordinate and deliver a campaign for the latest release from Sans Soucis.

In their paid roles, participants received mentoring from the team at AWAL while devising and executing an extended single campaign, plus the project also enabled Sans Soucis to stage a higher profile marketing programme around her release.

Find out more about the project, how it worked and what everyone learned along the way, with participants Zach Bingham Thaker (Project Coordinator) and Rainar Goering (Marketing Lead), as well as AWAL’s Community Support Associate Cori Chinnici and Sans Soucis herself.

12.00pm TGE IN-CONVERSATION: Wendy Ong + Anna Neville, TaP Music
Join the conversation with Wendy Ong and her colleague Anna Neville from TaP Music. Wendy oversees TaP’s US-related activities for a diverse roster of artists, including Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding and Hailee Steinfeld. Prior to joining the label and management company, she previously held senior marketing roles at major labels like Interscope and Arista, and well as having a stint as CMO at Roc Nation.

12.30pm TGE IN-CONVERSATION: Lorna Clarke, BBC
Join the conversation with the BBC’s Controller Of Pop Lorna Clarke. She will discuss her 30 year career in radio and her current role overseeing the broadcaster’s five pop music radio networks as well as pop music output across BBC TV and online.

1.00pm FUTURE MUSIC STRATEGIES: Maximising The Power Of Fan Data
Building a fanbase, driving streams and growing all of an artist’s other revenue streams increasingly depends on accessing, utilising and understanding all of the fan data that is now at the industry’s disposal.

How can artists, managers, labels and promoters best use fan data to understand their audience, target their messaging and grow each artist business? And how does data protection and privacy law – and ongoing battles between the tech giants – impact on how the industry accesses and capitalises on all this data?

Get to grips with all things fan data with Chaz Jenkins from Chartmetric; Raffaella DeSantis from Harbottle & Lewis; Tamsin Sharp from Believe; and artist manager and digital marketing specialist Tom Burris.

2.00pm FUTURE MUSIC STRATEGIES: The Future Of Festivals, Ticketing And Touring
As COVID restrictions slowly lift later this year and international travel becomes possible again, what will the live music business look like? To what extent will everything resume ‘business as usual’ and to what extent are things changed forever? And what impact will new technologies have on the way shows are organised, ticketed and marketed?

Leading names for the live music sector make their predictions for the future of festivals, ticketing and touring.

3.00pm FUTURE MUSIC WORLD: How To Make Diversity Initiatives That Truly Deliver
Everyone agrees that a more diverse music industry is a better music industry, and numerous initiatives have been launched in recent years – and especially in the last year – to make that a reality. But what are the most effective ways to remove the barriers and hurdles that have hindered diversity to date, and how can the music community’s diversity initiatives have an impact beyond the industry?

We put the spotlight on some truly inspiring programmes that are delivering and ask what we can learn from them – with expert insights from Yaw Owusu at The PRS Foundation, Vick Bain at The F-List, Paul Hawkins at Attitude Is Everything and Rosie Turner at InChorus.

4.00pm FUTURE MUSIC WORLD: Building A Healthier Music Industry
The responsibility of the music industry to protect and safeguard the physical and mental health and wellbeing of music-makers and everyone working in the sector has become a big talking point in recent years. New programmes and policies have been introduced to better support music people, though plenty of work still needs to be done.

We talk to some of the people who have been leading this conversation, putting the spotlight on some key initiatives that are already delivering, asking what practical steps we need music companies to make, and considering where this vital conversation will head next.

Joining the conversation will be psychotherapist Tamsin Embleton, musician and psychologist Dr Simon Rowbottom, Joe Hastings from Help Musicians and Tristan Hunt from the Association For Electronic Music.

5.00pm TGE IN-CONVERSATION: Merck Mercuriadis, Hipgnosis Songs Fund
Join the conversation with Merck Mercuriadis, veteran artist manager and founder and CEO of the Hipgnosis Songs Fund. Through Hipgnosis, Merck has single-handedly changed the narrative of the global music rights industry, having signed numerous headline-grabbing deals with artists and songwriters like Debbie Harry, Chrissie Hynde, The Chainsmokers, Timbaland, Dave Stewart, Fraser T Smith, Johnny McDaid and Mark Ronson.


10.00am TGE ELEVATE WEBINAR: How Music-Makers Make Money with CMU:DIY
What are all the ways music-makers make money and what business partners do they work with along the way? Find out in this concise guide to how artists go about building a business around their music – and learn how to navigate and understand the music industry by revenue stream. Presented by CMU’s Chris Cooke and including live Q&A.

11.00am TGE ELEVATE WEBINAR: Music Copyright Explained with CMU:DIY
Every time you write a song, every time you record a track, you create a copyright. Welcome to the copyright business! Based on the recent guide published by CMU and the Intellectual Property Office, get to grips with how music rights work and how they make money for music-makers. Presented by CMU’s Chris Cooke and including live Q&A.

12.00pm TGE ELEVATE WEBINAR: WTF Is Music Publishing with Sentric Music
Publishing can be a confusing world for emerging artists. Who has the time and energy to think about intellectual property when there’s a middle eight to perfect?! In this talk by Simon Pursehouse from independent publisher Sentric Music, learn all about the basics of just what publishing is, why it’s an utterly vital income stream for emerging musicians, and what they can do to make sure they’re getting every single £, € and $ that they are owed.

1.00pm PARTNER PANEL: JB x MDE present No Music On A Dead Planet
Julie’s Bicycle and Music Declares Emergency put the spotlight on taking meaningful climate action in the music industry, speaking out as artists and businesses, and sparking creativity, activism, and new ways of working.
With Chiara Badiali (Julie’s Bicycle), Fay Milton (Music Declares Emergency), Ali Lacey (Novo Amor), Love Ssega.

2.00pm PARTNER PANEL: AIM presents Scene And Heard – How To Build A Modern Music Business
All music businesses are built on talent and rights – success comes from finding the right blend of passion and rights management. Hear from expert entrepreneurs from the independent music community who have created scenes, built brands, and developed communities centred around specialist music. What do their teams look like? What are their approaches and how can you adopt those techniques to start or grow your own business?

With TK, CEO at Finesse Foreva; Chris Goss, Co-Founder & MD at Hospital Records; and Agata Buckenham, On The Corner Records; moderated by
Nadia Khan, Founder at Women In CTRL/CTRL Music and Chair of AIM.

3.00pm PARTNER PANEL: Ditto Music presents Ditto X at The Great Escape
Ditto Music hosts a Ditto X Takeover at The Great Escape. In-line with the global music company’s Ditto X conference events, Ditto Music will host an ‘in conversation’ interview and expert panel, as well as provide an update on their latest services.

UK rap star Kamakaze joins Ditto’s very own Vital Powers to discuss how he achieved a successful career as an independent artist. Vital will also chair a panel with guests from Ditto Music’s Label Services team, Eerf Evil and lostboy, exploring how to make the most of an independent release campaign.

4.00pm PARTNER PANEL: PPL, PRS for Music and PRS Foundation present Ghostpoet In Conversation
Ghostpoet is this year’s artist in conversation at TGE. The Mercury Prize nominated and PPL Momentum funded songwriter and performer will be sharing his perspective and insights with Ivor Novello Award winning songwriter and President of the PRS Members’ Council, Michelle Escoffery.


3.00pm British Council presents Exploring New Markets
The British Council is presenting two roundtable discussions at this year’s TGE, both accessible via our conference hub on Swapcard. Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa have seen fast growth in their music sectors in recent years, both producing global superstars and attracting expansion and increased investment from streaming platforms and labels/distribution services. Over a year into the pandemic, what is the current picture of these sectors? With huge youth populations that are more digitally connected than ever before, where are the future opportunities for collaboration and exchange?

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