As a delegate you will be able to login to the TGE online conference platform within Swapcard from Monday 10 May where you will get access to a number of on-demand webinars and bonus panel discussions, plus the online delegate directory. The livestreamed sessions then take place on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 May.

On both those days there will be two livestream channels to choose from. Channel One will present the CMU+TGE sessions and this year’s keynote in-conversations. Meanwhile, Channel Two will feature educational webinars from TGE Elevate and a series of great panels from TGE’s industry partners.

Check out the livestream schedule for both channels on Friday 14 May below.

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CHANNEL ONE (CMU+TGE & TGE In-Conversation)

10.00am FUTURE MUSIC TALENT: Everything An Aspiring Artist Needs To Know – And How To Teach It
Beyond making great music, what else do music-makers need to know in order to build a career around their music-making?

Experts from music education and the music industry consider the knowledge and know-how music-makers need in order to build a business around their music-making, whether they aspire to be a frontline artist or to pursue a portfolio career. And how do those early-career music-makers access this knowledge and know-how, and what role do music educators have in helping future music talent to become artist entrepreneurs?

Hear from Fiona McAuley, Head Of Digital – UK Music at YMU Group; Ian Johnson, Music Industry Liaison & Talent Development at Access Creative; Nicky Williams, Careers & Industry Manager at BIMM; and artist and mentor ShaoDow. Moderated by Phil Nelson from Pathways Into Music.

11.00am FUTURE MUSIC TALENT: Continued Professional Development In The Music Business
The music business is in a constant state of flux, as new technologies, new platforms, new devices, new laws and new regulations impact on the way people consume music, and the way the music industry creates and delivers content and live experiences.

Meeting new challenges and capitalising on new opportunities often requires having a basic understanding of the latest trends, and a more holistic view of the wider music industry. How can music industry professionals best build this knowledge, and how can employers keep everyone up to speed? The experts discuss!

12.00pm TGE IN-CONVERSATION: Nadia Kahn, Women In CTRL/CTRL Music
Join the conversation with Nadia Khan, the leading artist manager and label owner who heads up CTRL Management and the labels DENCH Records and CTRL Records. She is also founder of Women In CTRL, an organisation that seeks to empower women in the music and creative industries, breaking down barriers to career progression.

Through Women In CTRL, Nadia has published a series of impactful reports putting the spotlight on the need for more diversity in the music and media sectors. She is also Chair of the UK’s Association Of Independent Music.

12.30pm TGE IN-CONVERSATION: Björn Ulvaeus
Join the conversation with legendary songwriter and CISAC President, Björn Ulvaeus from ABBA, who will be discussing ‘Rebalancing The Song Economy’, the new report he co-produced with music business consultancy MIDiA that puts the spotlight on the challenges faced by songwriters in the streaming age and the how the industry can address those issues.

1.00pm FUTURE MUSIC STRATEGIES: Getting Rights Data Right
In a streaming dominated music industry built on billions of tiny micro-payments paid for every stream, accurate and consistent music rights data has never been more important. Meanwhile, advances in data management and standards – and audio ID technology – can also enhance the music experience, and result in the more efficient payment of royalties from other revenue streams like radio and public performance.

What do artists, songwriters, labels, publishers and digital services need to know to get rights data right? We ask the experts: music licensing consultant Becky Brook; Head Of Repertoire at PPL, David Goggin; Head Of International Relations at The MLC, Indi Chawla; and CEO at RightsHub, Lee Morrison. Moderated by Sam Taylor from CMU.

2.00pm FUTURE MUSIC STRATEGIES: Influencing The Influencers
Who are the key influencers in music today? What role do creators and influencers on social platforms have in building momentum around releases? What do the deals with those influencers look like? And how else can artists and labels use creative collaborations – within the industry and beyond – to reach new audiences and grow the fanbase?

Get insider insights and practical advice on influencing the influencers from Olivia Hobbs, Founder & Director at Blackstar; Seb Simone, Director Of Audience at Warner Records; Sophie Paluch, Director at Blueprint Pods; and Timothy Collins, Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Creed Media.

3.00pm FUTURE MUSIC WORLD: Has The Digital Revolution Liberated Or Locked Out Music-Makers?
There has never been a greater time to be a music-maker, with digital tools and channels making it easier to create music and get it to a global audience. But there has never been a more challenging time to be a music-maker, with so much competition, and new technologies and business models to navigate and understand.

What are the pros and cons of being a music-maker in the modern world, and how can the industry better support creators who seek to build an audience and a career around their music-making in a sustainable healthy way? Join the debate!

4.00pm FUTURE MUSIC WORLD: Cancel Culture – Good, Bad Or Non-Existent?
Everyone’s talking about cancel culture, but does it even really exist? What does it mean to be “cancelled”? How do we tackle offensive, abusive and misleading content online without damaging each person’s freedom of expression?

And how should the music industry – and music media – respond when music-makers make music that some find offensive, especially if the offence is deliberate and part of the creative process? We tackle some tricky topics of the moment in a very lively debate.

5.00pm TGE IN-CONVERSATION: Ole Obermann, TikTok
Join the conversation with TikTok’s Global Head Of Music Ole Obermann, who will be on hand to give his insights on one of the most innovative and influential platforms in music today, and how it is transforming consumer trends and artist discovery. Find out about Ole’s career to date, the phenomenal rise of TikTok, and how artists and labels are utilising the platform to expand fanbases and drive more streams.


10.00am TGE ELEVATE WEBINAR: How Streaming Really Works with CMU:DIY
The economics of streaming have been a big talking point in the last year, with multiple online campaigns calling for a new approach and a headline-grabbing inquiry in the UK Parliament. But do you really understand how the streaming business model works and how everyone gets paid? CMU’s Chris Cooke – also author of the book ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ – provides an easy-to-follow ten step guide.

11.00am TGE ELEVATE WEBINAR: The Power Of Data with CMU:DIY
No one gets into the music industry with the ambition of being in charge of the spreadsheets, but data increasingly powers the business. There’s the data the music industry pushes out about its songs and recordings, and the data that comes back about the fans and how they are interacting with artists. CMU’s Chris Cooke provides a speedy overview of all the kinds of data music-makers and their business partners need to know about.

12.00pm TGE ELEVATE WEBINAR: Nine Steps To Land A Sync Deal with Sentric Music
You’re bored of hearing people talking about how good syncs are for artists by now, so how do you go about actually getting one? In this session, Sentric Music’s Simon Pursehouse will guide you through everything you need to know in order to make your music as attractive as possible to music supervisors around the world. Bring a pen and paper, you’re going to want to take notes.

1.00pm PARTNER PANEL: SyncVault presents Innovation In The Face Of Crisis
The past year has brought a number of challenges to the music industry changing the landscape for music marketing. As we experience societal shifts, it becomes a driving force for innovation and out of the box approaches to marketing.

The gap between artists, fans and creators is narrowing as collaboration becomes key to success and new digital tools provide opportunities to embrace innovation and explore trends. Find out more with Kali Bradford from SyncVault, Achal Dhillon from Killing Moon, Sandra Croft from CD Baby, and Nick Faber from Fabyl. Moderated by Max Savard from Dialogue Management.

2.00pm PARTNER PANEL: Music Managers Forum presents the MMF Guide To Mental Health 2.0
Coinciding with the launch of a new, revised version of the ‘MMF Guide To Mental Health’, hear from three successful music managers and get their perspectives on mental health in the music industry.

Panellists will assess the nature of the artist-manager relationship, exploring how these dynamics play out in the day-to-day activities of managing an act. How does a music manager balance the challenge of prioritising their own mental wellbeing alongside the pressure of supporting the needs of their artist, producer and songwriter clients?

Hear from Shikayla Nadine, manager of Levelle London, Rebecca Garton and part of the 2021 Accelerator programme for music managers; Paul Craig of Nostromo Management, manager of Biffy Clyro and Chair of the MMF; and Chrystal Lecointe from management company YMU. Moderated by Sam Parker of Parker Consultancy, co-author of the ‘MMF Guide To Mental Health’.

3.00pm PARTNER PANEL: Vevo presents Impactful Music Video Marketing
In today’s digital world, content is king, and Vevo – the world’s leading music video network – is here to show you how to make an impact with video.

This session will focus on current marketing trends in the world of music videos in the modern landscape, discussing best video optimisation practices, tips and tricks for your artists and their teams, and how to most effectively utilise the ever-evolving tools at your disposal.

Learn how you can work with the music video specialists, and the step-by-step process for exposing your content to millions through their playlists, connected television channels and more. Plus find out how Vevo works with both emerging and established artists through their original content series DSCVR, LIFT and ROUNDS.

4.00pm PARTNER PANEL: Sisters With Transistors – Kate Hutchinson in conversation with film maker Lisa Rovner
Join filmmaker Lisa Rovner as she discusses ‘Sisters With Transistors’, the remarkable untold story of electronic music’s female pioneers, who embraced machines and liberating technologies, transforming how we produce and listen to music today. Lisa’s new film maps a new history of electronic music through the visionary women whose radical experimentations redefined the boundaries of music.


10.00am British Council presents The Future Of International Collaboration
The British Council is presenting two roundtable discussions at this year’s TGE, both accessible via our conference hub on Swapcard. This session explores the international landscape of how the music sector has pivoted to digital working during the pandemic. How do we keep international relationships, collaboration and exchange alive in the current moment, and what are the benefits and challenges of digital working? Given both the cost and environmental concerns of the effects of international travel, will we see continued digital working across borders, or is ‘being there’ simply too vital a part of the connection to lose?

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