Yukon Era

(New Zealand)


Date / Time
1:30pm Thursday
8:30pm Thursday

There are a lot of bands in Auckland. There are a lot of bands from the North Shore. But, Yukon Era occupy a unique, small territory; much like that of actual Yukon region in Canada. They’re young enough to have avoided succumbing to industry weariness or scene categorisation, yet old enough to have spent money on a decent amplifier.

They occupy a space in time where Metz are a click away from Black Sabbath, where you can mention Mac DeMarco & Metallica in the same breath and not sound like an idiot. And you can hear it. As soon as the playful vocals of Christian Dimick lull you into an “indie throwback” mood, the band (comprising of Lachie Thurlow, Pierre Beasley and James Dimick) deftly changes tack, using rhythm & dynamics as integral songwriting tools to create something both fervently modern, and stubbornly classic.

Yukon Era are set to release their debut album ‘Confident Swimmer’ in 2018.

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