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Youth Sector first emerged with 2020’s debut EP Mundanity, they immediately marked themselves out as a band capable of pulling at life’s chaotic threads with an un-nerving dexterity. They employ a playful tension, often loaded with the threat of unpredictability that, in a flurry of newly-adopted funk and groove elements – and under the influence of art-rock greats of yore – comes spiralling to life in a carnival of leaping synths and ricocheting basslines that have a habit of exploding into lawless, free-wheeling, joyous abandon. The last few months have taken Youth Sector around the UK and Europe, supporting bands including Courting and The Ninth Wave, as well as performing at numerous festivals. It has given them a fresh opportunity to tighten their gaze on the world around them.

‘So much energy, I really love that song so much’ – Sir Elton John

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