(Ireland {Republic})

Few bands can boast the kind of striking musical identity as whenyoung. The trio – singer/bassist Aoife Power, guitarist Niall Burns, and drummer Andrew Flood – make some of alternative music’s most compelling new sounds; a soaring, stunning, but still singalong take on musical anthemia, that fuses the storyteller’s nature of their home country of Ireland with the effortless cool of the London scene they now call home.

“We want to be as big a band as we can be,” says Andrew, “We’re not shy of that.” With an album on the way, those ambitions are forefront. “We want people to have some sense of euphoria,” says Aoife, before Niall sums up the duality at the heart of whenyoung most succinctly: “We want people to be able to laugh and cry in the same breath.”

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