Warhola is the solo moniker of Oliver Symons, a musical multi-talent excelling in writing and producing his music from start to finish. But he also has somewhat of a Midas’ touch in another endeavor: with the Dutch-language indie-pop band Bazart he completed a sensational course, resulting in hysterical festival sites and sold-out concert halls. All of this has led to Oliver revealing himself to be one of the belpop talents.

In 2017 Warhola broke through with the single ‘Jewels’, making his claim on the dancefloor. Eventually, the track grew to one of the longest campers in Flemish radio playlists that year. After leaving a huge impression during the festival summer and selling out shows in Vooruit (Ghent) and Het Depot (Leuven), Symons is ready to take his ambitions further. He will present a new single in the spring of 2018, immediately followed by his long-awaited debut album.

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