Tomine Berge, aka ur Monarch, is making some of the most fun and inventive music you’ll hear about everything being, well, trash right now. It’s pop music with incredible beats, laden with hooks and some genuinely hilarious self-deprecating lyrics.

Having just turned 20 and quit her high school on the island of Osteroy (pop.200) near Bergen, this Norwegian is ready to take her sad-pop jams to the world. Already being marked as one to watch for 2021 without even releasing any music, ur Monarch finds herself already thinking about meeting expectations – not that she needs to worry. “Oh I think it’s kind of weird,” she says, “because obviously nothing is out yet and they’ve made me one to watch – how do you guys even know about me?? It’s kind of crazy but also pretty cool that people are so interested in the music!”

Ur Monarch will be part of the First Fifty online showcase on Thursday 18th November 2021.

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