(United States)


Date / Time
11:15pm Thursday

Tommy Lefroy composed of Wynter Bethel from Michigan, US and Tessa Mouzourakis from
Vancouver, CA is named after Jane Austen’s alleged love interest and original 19th century
fuckboy, Irish politician Thomas Langois Lefroy. Playfully hiding under the guise of Tommy,
Wynter and Tessa decided to be the heartbreaker instead of the heartbroken for their
project. They capture care-not independence in their lyrics and a do-all approach to their
creative process to shape a sound that is at once intimate and cinematic, nostalgic and
reimagined. Since their first release in 2021, the band is making some noise in the artist
community supporting Alexander23, Maisie Peters, Eloise, Baby Queen and seeing their
songs shared by Samia, Christian Lee Hudson, Gnash and more.

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