Tom Walker

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
10:30pm Thursday

“I was never really interested in anything else other than music, but I wasn’t particularly good at anything else either. When I did my GCSEs, I got four Cs, a D, an E and an A star in music. That’s the story of my life”

Sometimes, Tom admits to “pinch yourself” moments and he knows that – while the hard work is only just beginning – he is finally living those childhood dreams: racking up 25 million streams for Just You And I or being handpicked by Elvis Duran as “Artist of the month” and making his TV debut on America’s widely-viewed Today show.

Typical of the man – an engaging northerner with a big heart of gold – he recently invited his father to the studio to watch him record Angels with a 30-piece orchestra. “He stood at the back in tears. He couldn’t believe where I’d got to with my music, which all started with his encouragement and belief.”

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