Date / Time
6:30pm Thursday

Tiberius b (they/them) is self produced singer-songwriter invoking the lonely magic ofgrowing up on a remote gulf island in the pacific northwest of Canada while creatingwork in their birthplace of London, UK. Tiberius b’s debut EP ‘Stains’ was conceived in a small village in North Wales during lockdown where they were asked by their uncle to care for their grandmother, Tommy.

Tommy was hospitalised partway through their stay, and subsequently Belcourt spent
over 6 weeks in near total isolation awaiting her return. Operating alone in the Welsh
countryside with little to no human interactions day to day, Belcourt was able to explore
their understanding of their humanity and identity in such a hyper focused way that it was at times excruciating. The shift to a complete lack of responsibility caused by having no day job to attend or people to care for, paired with having no true autonomy due to the pandemic caused Belcourt to liken this period of time to a second puberty, or

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