Tiagz is an artist and producer from Ottawa, Canada who emerged onto the scene in early 2020. His signature production, vocals, and use of samples gained him wide notoriety on TikTok with songs like “They Call Me Tiago (Her Name is Margo)” and “My Heart Went Oops” which have collectively been used in 5 million videos across the platform. Before living in Canada, he had moved several times and has lived in Belgium and Venezuela, which contributed to his ability to cross continents with his versatile sound. This led to a collaboration with French fashion company, CELINE, where he created an extended version of “They Call Me Tiago (Her Name is Margo)” which was used for their Mens Spring Fashion line for 2020. While Tiagz is widely recognized as a music artist, his love for dance and creative spirit have become central to his global personality.

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