The Night Café

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
9:00pm Thursday

Having grown up in the same area of Liverpool and separately developed a love for playing music while at secondary school, it took a while for SeanJoshArran and Carl to be introduced through mutual friends, but they soon struck upon a natural songwriting chemistry.

Initially plying their trade as drummers, Sean and Josh began to play guitar and twisted Arran‘s arm into swapping his guitar for the bass, with Carl picking up the sticks later. Strongly attached to their hometown, but eschewing the traditional musical heritage of The Beatles and The Coral, the four friends began to rehearse together, finding that their camaraderie was more than enough to fuel a deluge of joyous indie tracks – combining Sean‘s charming lyricism and glowing vocal melodies with bold guitar hooks, snaking bass riffs and rich, metronomic drumming. Settling upon the name, The Night Café, the quartet made the short trip upstairs to Whitewood recording studio – their practice space is in the basement of the Victorian building, known as Elevator Studios, home to The WombatsDan CrollCirca WavesEcho and the Bunnymen, and Clinic – where producer Robert Whiteley helped to polish their promising demos into the sparkling, soaring 2015 releases ‘Growing Up’ and‘Addicted’.

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