(UK (Scotland))

The Joy Hotel is not so much a band as an experience. The Glasgow 7 piece – Emme, Luke, Juan,Jenny, Scott, Jack & Jack – bring a rolling musical thunder of influences to record and stage that maysound unknown and simultaneously familiar, and impossible to pin down. The call and responsevocal exchanges between Luke and Emme and the layered harmonies that evoke Laurel Canyon areat the centre of The Joy Hotel’s sound with a swirl of guitar, keys, singing bass lines and Scotty’s accomplished triangle playing making sure there is something new to discover in every song.About their vision for The Joy Hotel, singer/guitarist and songwriter Luke Boyce says “‘We want The Joy Hotel to be a multi-genre exploration that draws upon musical traditions and warps them into something new. What began as a creative partnership has grown into a gapless, cinematicexperience, all the while following the fundamental principles of good songwriting and story telling.”

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