The Dawn of MAY


The Dawn of MAY is a New York-based Australian chanteuse, songwriter and artist. Having showcased the groundbreaking ‘Ballerino’ last year, a smoky piano-driven ode to a moment lost in time, The Dawn of MAY has just released her debut EP, Phantom . Displaying jaw dropping vocal performances in ‘Falling’ , ‘Baby Save Me Tonight ’ and ‘Last September’ , The Dawn of MAY is bringing the world a new, powerful, female voice in contemporary music.

The Dawn of MAY forged a musical path from a young age. Her mother, an artist, used to paint during afternoon siestas at the family beach house every summer and would play Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, Sting, Leonard Cohen and Andrea Boccelli. It was a combination of these styles that subliminally seeped into her musical framework as a child. Loving all things evoking history, romance, tragedy and noir, The Dawn of MAY has created a hauntingly memorable sound and style for a generation.

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