(New Zealand)


Date / Time
12:30pm Thursday
7:30pm Thursday

When TEEKS sings his voice rings out, low and sonorous like a sun on the horizon. His character befits his voice. Deep and in tune with his view of life at the prime age of 24. This begins to tell the story of the singer-songwriter’s music, which blends intimate lyrics, classic soul and modern electronic soundscapes. Hailing from Northland, New Zealand, TEEKS (real name Te Karehana Gardiner-Toi) grew up surrounded by music and performance. Raised with strong Māori cultural influences, TEEKS took his first steps in the music industry when selected for the prestigious Pao Pao Pao development initiative for emerging and establishing Māori artists. Throughout 2017 TEEKS honed his live performance, opening for the likes of Kiwi soul singer Hollie Smith and performing with the Blackbird Ensemble.

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