Stevie Appleton

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
7:30pm Thursday

Multi-instrumentalist Stevie Appleton made an amazing connection with music at a very young age, learning the piano when he was just 6. Aged fifteen, Stevie performed twice a week in one of London’s top restaurants improvising around a huge repertoire of songs to fill the 4 hour shifts with. Around this time he also started writing his own songs and hasn’t stopped since.

Following the release of a Smart car TV commercial in Japan featuring Stevie and one of his original songs, he had a wave of success there with a song at number 1 on the radio airplay charts for 6 consecutive weeks.

Stevie has been patiently working further on his follow up material for the last five years, being influenced a lot by Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley amongst many others, and recently went into the studio with world renowned producer, Danton Supple (Coldplay, U2). “I wanted to work with a producer who’s work I was a genuine fan of, and Danton was always at the top of my list” explained Stevie.

Having been on the same billing as artists such as Stevie Wonder and John Legend, he is now looking forward to touring again and performing songs from his upcoming new music.

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