Sons of Kemet

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
10:00pm Saturday

Your Queen considers herself our better; by right of blood, by way of lineage, by grace of conquest, by the reason of tyranny, by the confidence of tradition. Your Queen asserts this message through her crown, her church, her parliament, her loyal subjects, her wealth, her relationship with the media and the British empire, who celebrate her lifestyle, her fashion, her cuisine and her culture. Your Queen is financed by our taxes, which in turn validate the injustice of class and race discrimination of Great Britain: That some are born superior, and deserve more because of where they’re from, or who they worship, or who their parents are. Your Queen Is Not Our QueenShe does not see us as human. 

And we see ourselves as human. We judge our worth, not by Christmas speeches or golden jubilees, but by deeds. Our Queens walked among us. Our Queens led by action, by example, our Queens listened. Our Queens made bright futures out of cruel and unfair pasts. Our Queens cried and laughed with us. Our Queens knew they were just like us from the beginning, not just when it suited them.Our Queens are just like us, and we are human. We need new royalty. Your Queen Is A Reptile.

Sons of kemet is the iconoclastic mix of tenor sax, tuba and double drums. On this third studio album, they bring a genre defying approach which celebrates the restless exploration of identity within the Caribbean diaspora within the U.K. ‘Your Queen is a Reptile’ was recorded in london with a host of guests spanning the breadth of the UK scene including jungle legend Congo Natty and poet Joshua Idehen

Shabaka Hutchings – tenor sax, Theon Cross – tuba, Tom Skinner – drums, Eddie Hick drums, Moses Boyd – drums, Maxwell Hallett – drums, Sebastian Rochford – drums, Joshua Idehen – voice, Congo Natty – voice, Pete Wareham – tenor sax, Nubya Garcia – tenor sax

Full Line-Up