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12:15am Thursday

Cut from the cloth of rappers that put authenticity above everything, Skrapz’s immersive conversational flow and compelling backstory have built his reputation as somewhat of a people’s champ; a rapper that we can believe in, and be inspired by. It’s not surprising that heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua was victorious in his bout aga inst Wladmir Klitschko at Wembley Stadium, after walking to the ring blaring the North West Londoner’s ‘They Ain’t Ready’.

The streets have always supported Skrapz, his in dependent debut album ‘The End of t he Beginning’ featured appearances from Nines, Gi ggs, Wretch 32 and Donae’O, and managed to climb to number 42 on the album charts in 2015. But the stakes have changed since then: with way more focus on UK Rap than ever before, and the Ice City Boys representative’s peers charting in the top ten with equ ally uncompromising albums, he’s filled with a new fire as he approaches his second album with a brand new team behind him.
As grime MC Skrapsta he cut his teeth with legendary grime crew SLK, sneaking out at night to perform at raves that he wasn’t old e nough to be in, jumping fences to spit bars on pirate stations like Freeze FM, and even even sharing sets with the genre’s Godfather, Wiley. He’d later make the transition to rap, taking influence from the likes of Joe Black, Giggs and Blade Brown, when he realised that the slower pace was a more natural fit for his low – pitched tone of voice.
He was building a name for himself with debut mixtape ‘Skrapz Is Back’ and in the process of recording a second, ‘Shutdown Season’, when he’d find himself serving a j ail sentence for two years and four months. After struggling to find the headspace to write, he’d eventually break down his situation on a candid track called ‘Letter 2 My Fans’, and his peers on the outside, including long – time friend Nines, would help to complete his unfinished mixtape and keep his buzz building. He’d also pen enough material to record his third and fourth mixtape, ‘Skrapz Is Back PT 2.’ and ’80’s Baby’, both of which dropped in the 6 months following his release, securing his status as a major player in the UK rap game.
His 2015 debut album, ‘The End Of The Beginning’, celebrated the next stage of his career, developing Skrapz’ reputation of a great rapper into that of a great songwriter as he hones his unique blend of hard bars and vivi d storytelling; balancing street credibility with honesty and vulnerability, never scared to share how he really feels. Without preaching to his audience, he writes stories to inspire self – belief in his younger fans, and set an example to listeners closer to his age.
As he approaches the follow up to that album, Skrapz is primed to be more successful than ever. The UK Rap sound that he’s been involved in for almost a decade is now at the biggest its ever been; it’s attracting worldwide attention, and its c reators no longer need to pander to making traditional radio hits in order to enjoy success.

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