Riley Pearce



Date / Time
1:30pm Thursday
9:30pm Thursday

Humble by nature, Riley Pearce has an undeniable gift of leaving you respectfully in awe. The alt-folk artist, based in Perth, Australia truly follows an honest brand of songwriting. The raw, often haunting, vocals of Pearce embody well-crafted songs that express a journey of self-discovery and heartfelt truth.

Drawing inspiration from his musical heroes Paul Dempsey, Jose Gonzalez and Justin Vernon, Pearce is able to offer something in the middle. With a voice reminiscent of the Bruce Springsteen solo era, there’s a wise and nostalgic timber to the songs and his soothing expressions of inner thought make you understand why. Describing his own music as “break up songs for couples on a date… or vice versa”, Pearce’s love of the reflective songs leaves you staring out the window in a pensive yet enjoyable state.

Whether an intimate one-man performance or an enthralling live-band show, Riley will reel you in; leading to support slots for artists such as LifeHouse, Lord Huron, Tash Sultana, Kim Churchill and Josh Pyke. With grander things on the horizon over the coming months, it’s exciting to think of what might be next for him.

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