(United Kingdom)

R.A.E (Rising Above Everything) is a rapper/singer from Thamesmead S.E London, with an obvious 90’s style translating through her music. Imagine if TLC, Da Brat & MC Lyte had a baby and birthed her in an era 20 years in the future, R.A.E doesn’t just deliver on an authentic 90’s sound, but also merges what it is to be a millennial Londoner living out her early 20s.

She is bringing a fresh but nostalgic sound with her easy melodies and uplifting raps. She has the ability to create feel good songs for a generation of young, excited and labelless people exploring life and having a plethora of stories to tell and relate to. With her Spike-Lee Joint favouring aesthetic and sonic uniqueness that is undeniably rooted in Black Britishness and a love for the 90s; The triple threat of R.A.E. is truly Rising Above Everything.

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