Queen Zee

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
10:45pm Thursday

“We’ve got no time for music, art or politics that are bland,” say Liverpool newcomers Queen Zee & The Sasstones “Bands that sing songs about nothing, that aren’t musically adventurous; art that is just a heap of clay with no purpose except for Facebook likes and Instagram followers.”

Drawing heavily on a variety of musical influences from the 70’s garage rock explosion to the world of 80’s pop, for Queen Zee, blurring the lines between the establishment and the DIY scene is something the band are clearly already au fait with.

Straddling the underground art and music scenes in their hometown, searching for inspiration amongst a community they feel disconnected from creatively, they’re a band who are constantly looking for a way to push themselves out of their comfort zone.

“Total chaos is the end goal with this project” says Zee “moshing, crowd surfing, Morris dancing – whatever people want to get into. I wish we could have played Trump’s Inauguration.Not being scared to go to places minority groups aren’t welcome and fly the flag for them is important to me. Sometimes I think punk bands that only play punk gigs are preaching to the converted. Go into those spaces where you’re not welcome and tell your story.”

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