(United Kingdom)

When Pip Millett was a child her family dubbed her and her sister “the silent twins” due to their quiet nature. However, as with many playful nicknames, it wasn’t entirely accurate. “I was always quietly confident,” she explains now, some ten years down the line. “I’ve just always been calm about it.” A move to London to study music was Pip’s first indication that stepping into the limelight, while still refusing to conform, might be what she’d been after all along. “I knew I wanted to sing from a young age,” she says, though it’s always been writing that helped her the most. In many ways it feels that the precise nature of her words take precedence over her low-key vocals.

Having moved on from her quiet life and become the artist she always was, Pip is determined to keep making music she insists will always be “chilled but emotional.” Whatever comes next, a generation caught in its feelings might just have a new soundtrack.

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