(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
2:00pm Friday

Pet Deaths is the London-based duo Graeme Martin and Liam Karima, who blend enchanting, ethereal concepts with poetic meter and hypnotic melodies to form melancholic, celestial folk. The duo formed following a chance encounter in Ladbroke Grove, London. Feeling equally cellophane new in the capital’s concrete fast lane, they agreed to meet regularly. Subsequent writing and drinking sessions became a Zen-like philosophy by which to navigate their new homes, spending gloomy November evenings on their rain-soaked Ballardian balcony, experimenting with loops, drones and poetry. Released this Spring, following on from the sparkling 2019 debut ‘to the top of the hill and roll…’, new record ‘unhappy ending’ is the next step in pet deaths’ somewhat remarkable journey. Inspired, musically, by the spiritual moments of Alice Coltrane, the freeness of Miles’ ‘Bitches Brew’, with a sprinkling of Talk Talk’s ‘Spirit Of Eden’ in its colourful unravelling ‘unhappy ending’ is an enveloping experience

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