(United States)

It started in the shed. This was in San Jose, CA a few years ago, when a group of high school classmates made a decision that changed the course of their lives. They were doing that classic thing: starting a band. The Peach Tree Rascals were born in a ten-by-ten wooden shed in the backyard of the house Dom grew up in. Technically, it was the second shed. The first was made entirely of metal, better suited as a sweatbox than a recording studio; Dom’s dad schooled the guys in fabrication and helped them build a comfortable space that would just be theirs.

The group has released 13 songs so far, and plan on releasing a new single each month for the rest of the year. In early 2021, the group will release its first EP, the culmination of so much hard-work and dreaming, creating music that isn’t bound by genre. As Isaac puts it, “The future of PTR depends on what we wish to accomplish. It’s totally in our hands and work ethic, but we know we want to be as big as possible.”

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