(United Kingdom)

Noisy is what Noisy does: a three-piece hybrid of hooks, beats and escapism. Formed in the seaside town of Worthing, they take the spin-the-bottle sensibility of the playlist generation and make music with no boundaries: mosh-pit worthy noise for the paranoid age.

Comprised of singer/rapper Cody, guitarist Connor and producer-guitarist Spencer, the band is the culmination of several years of skate park-induced friendship. The band signed to Island Records in 2019 following a three-in-the-morning, you-have-to-hear-this moment between manager and label.

“Kids our age have a lot of feelings, of going mental and not knowing what’s going on and just thinking ‘fuck it’,” Spencer says. “You need to let go.” Noisy are for all the Friday guys, for all 20-somethings smashing it on a weekend, spending five days aching, and then getting out and doing it again. An antidote to all the other shit going on in the world. Your weekend starts right here.

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