Noble Jacks

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
4:00pm Thursday

With the fiddle leading the charge, Noble Jacks are out to take no prisoners as they come on with their high-energy footstompin’ rhythms which have taken crowds by storm across the UK.

Noble Jacks have been touring relentlessly, stompin’ their way round the UK music scene with sold out headline shows promoting their debut album ‘What the Hammer’ as well as shows at major festivals including Glastonbury, Cambridge Folk Festival, and Beautiful Days to name a few.

SIGNED WITH UNION MUSIC STORE RECORD LABEL! Following on from Noble Jacks’ debut EP, Gun Hill, the band signed a record deal with Union Music Store to produce and release their first full length album. Recorded at The Metway Studio in Brighton (The Levellers’ studio) and produced by Jamie Freeman, Noble Jacks are proud to announce their DEBUT ALBUM – WHAT THE HAMMER – available to BUY NOW via Union Music Store!

​Meanwhile, ‘The Blacksmith Stomp’, written for the band’s supportive and rowdy blacksmith/ farrier friends, continues to be Noble Jacks’ most popular live party piece. A live performance of The Blacksmith Stomp, featuring on-stage foot stomping from the farriers, was captured at Trinity Theatre and is viewable on the media page or YouTube.

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