Nilüfer Yanya

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
7:15pm Friday
10:15pm Friday

A stolen bike. A golden cage. The coral reef where a lonely flower shop employee swims away her woes. Nilüfer Yanya has always begun tracks with intriguing mental images like these, letting her imagination run away till a hazy, dream-like story surfaces and a sparse, arresting song is born. “All my favourite music is elusive like that,” explains the hotly tipped 22-year-old, who is from West London but has Turkish, Irish and Bajan heritage. “I like songs that have stories and situations that you can almost catch, but you can’t quite ever catch properly. It’s more a vibe… a feeling.”

With a place on the BBC Sound of 2018 poll to her name, a string of worldwide tour dates ahead of her further fuelling her creativity, Yanya is looking forward to a busy 2018 that will also include work on an eagerly anticipated debut album, which she hopes to be recorded in the wilds of Cornwall. “It takes up a lot of energy. I don’t know what it’s going to be, how it’s going to sound, but it’s exciting.” Whatever it sounds like, expect Yanya to remain firmly in control. “I feel like the last year was a practice,” she says, confidently. “Now it’s the real thing.”

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