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12:30pm Saturday

Raised by her grandparents in Rochdale, Morgan Harper-Jones has always been an old soul. On car trips, she and her grandma would listen to Diana Ross and The Supremes, Otis Redding, Patsy Cline and old Motown classics on repeat, and since she listened to the radio all day long working on her record stall, Harper-Jones’ grandma knew every word. “Her stall was called ‘Save Records’ because my Grandad had been a goalkeeper for Rochdale FC,” she recalls. “I wanted to know all the songs on the radio too, and in the mornings I’d go downstairs and put MTV on and watch it for hours, dancing to all the songs.”

At home in front of the telly, her favourite comedies were Norman Wisdom films, and the 70s sitcom George & Mildred. And the artist’s iPod Nano was loaded up with Joni Mitchell – “I’d listen to ‘Blue’ every single day,” she smiles. “Nobody else knew this stuff, but I wasn’t bothered or aware of how odd I was,” Harper-Jones says.

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