(Faroe Islands)


Date / Time
12:15pm Thursday
11:00pm Saturday

It kind of feels like I’ve been studying music my whole life,” says Marius Ziska, “but I don’t have a degree in music.” Born and based in the Faroe Islands, Ziska has traced distinctly attentive, inquisitive route maps across modern alt-folk landscapes, always with his untutored and exploratory instincts as guiding lights. Working with lyricist Hans Jacob Kollslíð and a revolving troupe of guest musicians, Ziska’s introspective and expansive music unfolds with a richly intuitive sense of space and feeling: warm and generous, melancholy and meditative, this is adventurous, inviting music to enfold and lift the spirit.

Ziska’s journey began modestly. A gift of a drumkit from his father when Marius was nine steered him towards bass, guitar and singing. His parents are “not musicians,” Marius says, “but they are very musical in some way.” His own innate musicality began to manifest most clearly at 15, the age when he started writing songs “non-stop”.

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