Maisie Peters

(United Kingdom)


Date / Time
9:30pm Friday

One of the most exciting new discoveries of the year, South Downs songwriter Maisie Peters is quickly refining her ability to write in ways which transcend her 17 years. Born and still raised in “an Enid Blyton village, with a Co-Op” – Maisie has written music for as long as she can remember…and even felt bold enough to enter the Guardian’s Short Story competition aged 9, with an admittedly terrible submission. It was this voracious appetite for fiction that first offered her a window into alternate realities, in which making music professionally may also be reachable. From F Scott Fitzgerald and Donna Tartt came a love for sometimes bittersweet, sometimes bolshy storyteller-pop, with early influences on her music ranging from Carly Rae Jepson and Lorde to the strong female figures in Maisie’s own life (her mother, her polar-opposite twin sister).

Maisie Peters’ early tracks – beginning with ‘Places We Were Made’, and ‘Birthday’ – offer a startling mature yet enduringly innocent introduction. Currently exploring new sounds at a pace befitting a child of the Internet, her songs examine the changing outside world her generation must now navigate, whilst unknowingly offering a bright musical hope for its future. Meet British Pop’s next Bright Young Thing.

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