(United Kingdom)

There’s a new, low-slung rhythm to London’s youth – at its heart is Luke Bower. Much has been made of the emergent musical undercurrent in the nation’s capital, one which is inspiring a wave of new, more free-minded young music fans. Luke – stage name Lucy Lu – is the common thread through much of it. Having cut his teeth on the capital’s new-wave jazz scene, as well as playing lead guitar in Puma Blue and bass with Nilufer Yanya as part of their world-touring live bands, Luke has perfected his sound surrounded by the best in the business.

Bringing that craftsmanship into his own live shows, Lucy Lu channels the energy and musicianship of the likes of Andre 3000 and Pharrell. Lu says, “their brand of pop is very musical, with a lot of character. I feel like they have a wink, a wry side to their music-making. I’m definitely very influenced by that – not taking yourself too seriously but taking the music itself seriously.”

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