Lucifour M is a four-piece band whose multifaceted and multidimensional music features many references to cinematic works. Thus, the four musicians point to parallels between the stylistic devices of director Bruno Dumont and their own musical approach which they like to resume as follows: “It’s like standing on the verge of abyss, as if peering deeply into the eyes of the impossible.” Furthermore, the story behind the development of the band’s name has strong connections to the film “Lucifer Rising” by director Kenneth Anger. Still, the band mentions Pink Floyd’s song “Lucifer Sam” as main inspiration when it comes to the foundation myth of Lucifour M. All this reveals how wide the band’s cosmos is and how much they defy classic genre associations. Additionally, the quartet’s name works as an allusion to the fact that all members’ forenames start with the letter ‘M’.

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