(Russian Federation)

Moscow-based rock band Lucidvox is made up of four delicate girls although their music is anything but fragile and girly, and gestures at nothing that could be associated with typical gender stereotypes.

Inspired by traditional Russian singing and contemporary garage bands such as Goat and Flamingods, Lucidvox puts out a powerful and assertive psychedelic rock, based on folk melodies and the imagery of Slavic myths

Following their performance at Tallinn Music Week 2017, the quartet caught the eye of the English-language media. ‘Lucidvox are a revelation’, the well-known British journalist and leader of punk band The Membrances, John Robb enthused in the authoritative music blog Louder Than War. Robb is not alone in being highly impressed by how this band of musicians from Moscow are stretching the boundaries of Anglo-American alt rock.
Lucidvox is a RUSH initiative act and their performance is a part of the UK-Russia Year of Music 2019.

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