(United States)

LUCI – real name Lucianna Ania – is a 26-year-old artist born 27th of October, hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina with a refreshing sound. Creativity has always been a part of her life – growing up surrounded by music, art, and performance. Certain that painting was her career path, she majored in fine art at Northwest School of the Arts, where her teachers were equally convinced that alongside her writing, she would go on to be a successful painter. Yet considering that her great-great paternal uncle is the legendary American saxophonist John Coltrane, it is no real surprise that music eventually found its way to her and by the age of 10 she had started songwriting as an extension of her visual expression. LUCI’s paintings involve interpretations of the human form and layers built upon layers that exhibit chaos, brokenness, insecurity as well as pride and that output is mimicked in the vulnerability of her music— her voice much like a paintbrush stroking a canvas.

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